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December 28, 2017
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[VIDEO] Décor Project Reveal – A Sun Room For All Seasons

Hello, it’s Kristy Malone of Refining Design Inc.


Today I’m in Aurora, Ontario, in a house that I’ve been working on with this client who adores their sunroom.


It’s all windows, gorgeous backyard, but, unfortunately, it was only a one-season room, whereas, it was too cold in the wintertime to spend any time here, and in the summertime it was just way too hot, so what we did is added baseboard heaters, a very stylish functional light fixture, but also has a fan included and, therefore, this has now become a four-season sunroom space.


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They use this space all the time to enjoy themselves, have a couple of guests over, and it just wasn’t working with the old tile flooring, outdoor furniture, and what they really wanted was to make it almost like a cottage cozy feel, and that’s exactly what we did.


By incorporating some textural items it kept the room really warm, and by keeping the walls light and bright we painted it a white color, so it looks really clean and crisp, but also has that warm cottagey vibe to it.


The client says this is a space that’s become her sanctuary, and she never wants to leave, so I think we accomplished what we set out to do. Thanks for watching, have a good day.


Get my FREE ebook, “Interior Décor Tips For the Modern Man” at www.refiningdesign.ca


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