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December 7, 2017
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Home Decor Redesign For The New Year

Hi there, it’s Kristy Malone at Refining Design Inc.


I just wanted to take a couple minutes to address transitioning your home from the holidays to maybe a New Year’s party.


I know everyone is quite eager to have kind of a fresh environment, and something a little different from what they had over the holidays.


But, don’t overthink it.


A new year means a new start.


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So you can begin in January to start putting together a new plan. Sometimes, we’ve had things for quite a while and we’re just done with them.


Once you get into the New Year, you can start planning with a more clear mind and not rush into it too quickly.


What we do for the holidays, or any event in your life, could be a birthday party, it could be a major milestone or whatnot, what my team and I do is called a “redesign.”


So we’ll just come into your house, look around, see what items you might have, and we just move things around, switch it up and make it fresh.


So, consider that for maybe a little New Year’s thing or any gathering you might be having after Christmas.


And, that’ll just help with feeling like your space is fresh again, instead of having to rush into trying to redo your entire space, just for your guests.


So, have fun with it.


You could even shop your house too and see where you can move things around, hang things differently, and just make it look a little bit different.


And then, if you need help from my team, we could just come in, in half a day to a day, it’s done. We’ll have a whole redesign ready for you.


And, everybody is so pleased when they see what different ideas and creativity has come out of that and how we’ve used their things differently.


So, I’ll leave you with that, and I’m wishing everybody happy holidays, be safe and enjoy all your family and friends. Bye for now, I’ll see you in the New Year.


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