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January 11, 2018
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[VIDEO] Are These Decor Trends Worth Following?

Hi there, it’s Kristy Malone of Refining Design Inc.


Happy New Year to everyone who’s watching today.


I’m sure you’re all excited about following some of the new 2018 interior design decor trends that are out there.


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I’m having a really fun time going through reading all the “what’s out”, “what’s in” for this year, although, I feel like it could be very misleading for some people, especially, the modern day gentleman.


I feel that it’s already difficult for them to really know exactly what they want to do in their space, or maybe what calls them or speaks to them in terms of our home decor, so when I read that grays are out, reclaimed wood is going out, I instantly panicked because I don’t want anybody to use these trends that you read about so rigidly that you’re actually never going to incorporate them in your house again.


That’s not what trends are all about.


I actually don’t really follow trends to be honest. I think they’re more of a way to let people know what’s out there and available to individuals because there’s always new things coming out every single year, every season, so it’s more of a guideline just to let us know what’s out there, and how we can incorporate this into our space, either if you’re redoing it new, or incorporating some traditional different styles into some of the new trends that’s out there.


Get my FREE ebook, “Interior Décor Tips For the Modern Man” at www.refiningdesign.ca


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