[VIDEO] Are These Decor Trends Worth Following?
January 18, 2018
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[VIDEO] Interior Decor Trends 2018

Hi there, it’s Kristy Malone of Refining Design Inc.


Today, I want to share with you an exciting part of the Interior Design Show of 2018 that I actually really connected with.


This year, I felt it is the year for the modern day gentleman. I was amazed by the change, the shift that’s going on in interior design in the fact that, I’m not seeing so much glitz and glam lighting. It’s not about the crystal and the bling. It’s more about adding interest and focal points through interesting furnishings and bold colors.


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I see a shift going from not having bland, boring interiors. It’s more about designing a space on how you want to feel and what makes you feel good and what really brings out your personality and your taste.


So, I think there’s so many options there now this year that’s really honing in on both men and women and having a more neutral palette, and just really combining the things you love.


So, you don’t have to choose a metal. Trends change all the time, and sometimes brass is in, copper’s in, silver’s in… Just choose which one you like, and you can mix and match.


You can definitely start incorporating all of that and just start using them the way that makes you feel the best.


So, I think it’s an exciting year for the modern day gentleman to actually delve in and really connect with themselves and really create a space that is uniquely them.


There is tons of stores and companies that I really connected with at the interior design show, and I’ll post those on my blog as soon as possible, but it was really exciting to see that.


You know, boring and bland is not always the way to go, and I think it’s just introducing to everyone that design should be about expression, and that’s really what it’s all about.


So, thank you for watching, and stay tuned to my blog, where I will post some really interesting places that you can shop that’ll really help you delve into your creative side.

Get my FREE ebook, “Interior Décor Tips For the Modern Man” at www.refiningdesign.ca


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